Use our self ticketing service to manage your smaller car parking facilities.

This type of operation is ideal at smaller stores or sites where the parking may be very limited in terms of number of spaces or it is not financially viable to employ a uniformed Parking Attendant.


Parking Essentials will provide all the necessary signage required and provide the Parking Charge Notices, pre-paid envelopes and required training necessary to either members of the clients staff or any on-site Security Company the client may be employing in order that they can then ‘self-monitor’ their own parking spaces.     


The PCN’s are then issued by the chosen individuals and the counterfoils sent to Parking Essentials once a week for notice processing.


Any income derived from the PCN’s can then be apportioned on a percentage basis to be agreed once the initial capital outlay has been recovered, with no need for a monthly management fee.


For Further information please contact our sales team on 0161 660 4472