Introducing a revolution in effective car park management, Park With Ease.

This revolutionary fully automated car park management and payment system offers total flexibility both to the client and the customer / visitor.

Upon arrival the vehicle details are captured via our ANPR camera system located at the entrance to the car park. This information is immediately relayed to the payment station(s ) within the site so the unit is also aware that the vehicle has arrived. These units are similar in size to a traditional Pay & Display machine, but are fitted with either a 17 inch or 8 inch touch screen for ease of use.

The user / visitor goes to the pay-station and is offered 2 options, to pay now or pay later. If the ‘pay now’ button is pressed the machine asks the user to enter their vehicle registration. As the machine knows the VRM’s of all the vehicles on the car park it utilises predictive text and after typing the first few digits the user is shown the registration numbers of all the vehicles on site at that time that start with those digits. The user selects their registration from the ones available on screen and then chooses from the options how long they wish to remain for. Upon selecting the length of stay the appropriate tariff is displayed and payment can be made via cash or card.

One of the unique features of this system is that if you overstay your planned visit you can simply go back to the machine when you return, press the pay now option again, re-enter you VRM digits and pay the outstanding balance there and then, thereby avoiding any potential Penalty Tickets or Parking Charge Notices.      

If the ‘pay later’ option is selected the machine simply advises you that at that point there is nothing further to do, so you can go about your business until you return. Upon returning to the car park the user then presses the ‘pay now’ button and is informed of their length of stay and the amount due, then pays the tariff by either cash or card.

The third option of paying is to pay later via the web. If the user forgets to visit the machine upon returning to the car park or does not visit the machine at any time upon arrival or exit, by visiting a dedicated website address the user can pay for their parking later that day, the next day or up to 48 hours later (certain operators may allow longer payment periods but check the car park Terms and Conditions of use for further information).

The benefits of this system are: