Pay on Exit Equipment

Pay on Entry - customer arrives at the car park and pays in advance for the full day via the uniformed Parking Attendant located at the entrance in an operational kiosk. The attendant issues a sequentially numbered time-clock stamped ticket which the customer retains.                                                                  


Upon returning to the car park the customer hands the ticket to the Parking Attendant and if they have only been parked for a few hours, then a proportionate refund of the parking charge is made in line with the time not used.


Pay on Exit – customer arrives at the car park and obtains a sequentially numbered time-clock stamped ticket from the uniformed parking attendant from the operational kiosk located at the car park entrance.                                                               


When the customer returns they present their ticket to the Parking Attendant, the parking fee is calculated in relation to the duration of stay and the customer pays for their parking prior to exiting the site.

These systems are used predominantly when managing either temporary parking on development land and/or for long stay commuter parking or when the client wants a more ‘customer-facing hands-on’ service.

Can also be used in conjunction with barrier controls or at event-day parking venues and sites located near football/rugby/cricket grounds or event arenas.