Pay & Display equipment designed, developed and manufactuered in the UK.

Parking Essentials can provide the latest Pay & Display equipment to suit whatever requirements you have.

These can be in the form of solar or mains-powered equipment with the machines able to produce audits and statistical data.
Payments can be made for a few hours, the entire day or week and can be via cash, credit/debit card or phone depending on what facilities you want the machine to offer.

Machines can be single-ticket issue where a charge is made for the parking period or double-ticket issue whereby a two-piece ticket is issued and the parking charge or percentage of it is redeemed in selected stores or retailers offering this system.
This method of operation negates the need for barriers, thereby ensuring a ‘free-flow’ of vehicular traffic.

On-site signage supports this type of operation by clearly displaying the terms & conditions, parking information and tariff details.

Parking Essentials can provide all types of management services to accompany this method of operation, including highly trained uniformed Parking Attendants to patrol the car park, replenish the machine tickets, deal with minor maintenance issues such as coin/ticket jams, reconcile and bank the revenue generated from the machines and offer full maintenance support from the equipment manufacturer.