Our advanced ANPR used throughout the UK & Europe.

Parking Essentials can provide the latest in Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology for the management of your car park.

ANPR is a CCTV based system that uses infra-red cameras to read vehicle registration numbers and capture images of the vehicles entering and exiting the car park.

The system can be functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and operates in all weather conditions. It can negate the need for a uniformed patrol where simplistic limited waiting conditions are required and has the added advantage of never going on holiday or taking time off due to sickness.

The system monitors the length of stay of the vehicles in relation to the terms and conditions clearly displayed on the on-site signage located in and around the car park.

If a contravention occurs then the registered vehicle keeper details are obtained from the DVLA. An image is then produced and posted along with a Parking Charge Notice Letter to the vehicle owner for payment within a certain time period.

Parking Essentials can offer various agreements in relation to this system, including outright purchase and ownership, no initial capital outlay and profit share once the initial capital investment has been recovered or profit share from the outset.

This system can also be used for monitoring disabled bay abuse when housed in parking bollards, used on petrol-filling stations to capture any drive-offs without payment and can be paired with Pay on Foot barrier systems and Pay & Display systems.